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Posted by Milica Novakovic 28 Jun 15

Stewart Brand says: ,,function reforms form, perpetually”.[3] It means, that process in which we shape our buildings, and then our buildings shape us doesn’t have to be a linear process, but a cyclic process. With this idea in mind, my strategy consists of creating a catalogue of furniture intended to support various activities and purposes such as housing, office space, workshops, shops, library, cinema, recreation. This furniture is portable and transformable. Flexibility is achieved within existing structure, but also, possibility for users to choose their lifestyle, relative to their needs and possibilities. In this manner, our building becomes a living […]

Posted by Milica Novakovic 15 Jan 15

Nature wastes nothing, because of cycling of substances, a pathway by which a substance moves through compartments of Earth, changes form and comes back to the starting point so the cycle can be repeated. What we see as waste, is actually just one of states of substance in a biogeochemical cycle, therefore, the problem is not about the quantity of waste, but it is about the manner in which it is treated.
That way, the Đeram market will become a device that operates on the principle of cycling of substances, so people can learn not to use just one iteration […]