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Posted by Snezana Zlatkovic 18 Jul 11

Metropol, project of the Modernism, at the same time deteriorated by the contemporary investors, posed many questions about the way to intervene upon it. The old is clearly separated from the new. The existing structure of the building is used for student living units. Newly formed towers are inserted into the object creating common spaces with different functions. They are united in one inner layer, and then each of them is continued by forming one student room per one level.  These towers become the new silhouette of the city, the main concept of the project. The goal […]

Posted by Snezana Zlatkovic 16 Feb 11

Cultural center is composed of two wholes. The first one is ground floor – remodeled terrain with a polycentric organization of space. These centers are based upon the activities that are supposed to happen around them and specific service functions inside. They become the only structural load bearing element of the building. The space around them is polyvalent, the program is defined only among the centers, and is spread freely between them, according to the users needs. During the day it is open to public, cultural programmes are happening in the open, and it becomes an extension […]