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Posted by Milan Katic 03 Nov 14

Modul M7.1 Projektantska radionica, 1 ESPB
naziv: Planarne mreže
Milan Katić, docent Djordje Stojanović
8-21. oktobar 2014, kabinet 238 / sala 301
Master akademske studije – Arhitektonski fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu
Osnovni cilj radionice, je bolje razumevanje karakteristika složenih prostornih oblika i spoznaja tehnika  reprezentacije takvih oblika putem primene planarnih mreža. U uvodnom delu radionice, studenti se upoznaju sa osnovama modelovanja u programu Rhinoceros  – tri prostorna modela koji su našli primenu u okvirima projektantske prakse 4od7 će poslužiti kao polazište radionice. Nakon upoznavanja sa osnovama, studenti imaju zadatak da naprave 3D model jedne složene površine na osnovu devet proizvoljnih tačaka. Dalji rad u okviru […]

Posted by Milan Katic 04 Jun 14

The Platter is a temporary structure designed collectively by students and tutors within the framework of the module M5.1 Studio Design Architecture at the first year of the Graduate Level Study Programme, Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, during the summer term 2013/14. This is a timber platform of approximately 80m2 held by steel columns at the height of 3 meters above the ground. The platform provides for the views of the surrounding landscape, while its position and shape create two spaces of different characteristics and with distinct relations to the surroundings. “The convex” space bellow the structure is […]

Posted by Milan Katic 01 Nov 13

Graphic Surveillance v.01
The aim of the workshop is to produce graphical output based on the information gathered through surveillance of pupils’ behavior at several school yards in Belgrade across different periods of time. Resulting diagrams are meant to capture changing aspects of space and introduce time component into the architectural thinking. Specific emphasis is placed on the development of techniques for observation and documentation relevant to the understanding of space through the notions of structure, pattern and configuration. This short graphic exercise is supported with the two discussions based on essays, “Mapping the intangible” by Stan Allen […]

Posted by Milan Katic 15 Jul 13

Breathing Architecture
Testing of the formation of the material structure enabled the creation of ideas about building which functions as a non-linear system. People who live in the building as pattern, forming the dynamics of the building independently, and simultaneously influence each other and other neighbors. Building can be seen as a system that includes all units and acts as a natural system (orientation, position, growth and dimming of units). /// System units “capsules” can change their volume and area, depending on the needs of users. The user thus becomes the agent that manages each […]

Posted by Milan Katic 02 Jan 13

Spider4Rhino Tutorial on Vimeo.
The Spider for Rhino (available at is a plug-in created for the purpose of the specific and research oriented project. Originally it was used for the modelling of large web-like elastomer assemblies. It is conceived as a design tool and a tiny contribution to the fast growing field of architectural research aiming at better enacting of material behavior within geometric modelling. The plug-in focuses on elasticity and allows for a simple simulation of approximate material properties. The idea is based on the simplified version of Hook’s law and relies on the particle-spring systems […]

Posted by Milan Katic 06 Jul 12

Main idea of the project is forming of the canal which would eventually provide polluted water purification in the bay, restoration of natural flow route of the Danube and creation of the new, green river island – enabling purification of the old and encouraging creation of the new ecosystem. Experimenting with material (styrofoam – its melting deformation while treated with heat in spots), determination of its deformation, researched parameters enabled further conclusions about creating of digital forms with series of their sections (with openings of different intensity and shapes), which eventually gave the final form of […]

Posted by Milan Katic 11 Feb 12

The library is the logical outcame of an evolutionary upgrade (space elevation in the third dimension) of the square – an open stage, open reading room, workshop & meeting point and the powerful central space of the entire artistic ambient.The idea of  the library is to define the basic principles of spatial organization of the object, from initial conceptual diagram, itself emerged from the sunlight position analysis imbued with main movement directions and global location visures.This provided a fine-grounded starting point to the systematic solution of internal archive and space organization, […]