Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 01 Jun 08

Snow City @ LFA

Snow City will be the purpose built model for London Festival of Architecture. It consists of 1053 triangular facets arranged over 2×1.5 meter footprint and reaching 0.8meter height, to suggest one of possible response to climate change. More about this project can be found at or . Almost ready, Snow City will open on June 25th at Dana Centre in London, as a part of LFA 2008. The event will include debate on the physical newness of the environment with Nate Kolbe amongst the key speakers.Snow City takes shape from 2mm thick snow white mount board. Laser cutting is done at AA Digital Fabrication Lab and pieces assembled at Superfusionlab office in London. Design team includes Milutin Cerović, Yi Yvonne Wend, InSub Lee and Ji’in Kim.
more about the festival and this project on RIBA web site


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